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Aptean CRM - Call Center Software

25 Feb 2020

Aptean Staff Writer


  • A Unified Front Line
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Craft a Consistent Customer Experience

With Aptean CRM, your call center is about to get a productivity overhaul. Our Contact Center solution is fully integrated with our comprehensive CRM offering, and was designed with workplace efficiency in mind.

Provide your agents with customized, real-time scripts, create streamlined calling queues to maximize call timeliness, integrate directly with one of 30 CTI switches, and manage a variety of call programs, removing the risk of data loss.

Streamlined Call Scripting

Prepare your call center agents by presenting a customer profile and background before the call.

  • Make changes to scripts and send alerts to agents in real-time.

  • Provide customer data to agents to save on call time.

  • Eliminate time-consuming training time with simple scripting.

  • Raise productivity levels by keeping conversations flowing.

Orderly Calling Queue

Reduce inefficiencies in your Contact Center with systematic calling queues.

  • Generate customized queues based on predefined rules and customer profile.

  • Minimize downtime between customer calls.

  • Reduce the risk of duplicate cold calling.

  • Keep customers on the line through flexible call transferring.

Handy CTI Integration

Give your agents top-notch technology with CTI systems integration.

  • Integrate with over 30 CTI switches.

  • Make and answer phone calls directly from your dashboard.

  • Receive alerts and notifications without switching between multiple screens.

Convenient Content Management

Manage scripts and message points all within one effective database.

  • Build and save customized messages as needed.

  • Utilize HTML within scripts, going beyond simple text.

  • Lower the risk of data loss with a comprehensive content management space.

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