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Ready for Robust Discrete Manufacturing ERP

Are you a mixed-mode or to-order manufacturer that needs to increase shop floor efficiency and flexibility, while responding quickly to supply chain disruptions and customer demands?

Built by manufacturers for manufacturers, Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Made2Manage Edition has you covered.

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Tackle Today’s Challenges.

Fuel Tomorrow’s Growth

Facing Disruptions in the Industry

Upstream supply chain disruptions, including long lead times for components and low inventory levels, are among the top challenges facing discrete manufacturers today.

In fact, the Aptean US Manufacturers Industry Report, April 2021, showed that:

  • 88% of discrete manufacturers are experiencing longer-than-usual lead times

  • 46% of discrete manufacturers were unable to complete customer orders on time

  • 40% of discrete manufacturers had customers reduce/cancel orders because of dissatisfaction with the manufacturer

As the entire industry struggles with these challenges, the right technology will help your business weather the storm and emerge ahead of the competition.

Ready for Supply Chain Resiliency

Aptean’s discrete manufacturing solution integrates ERP and scheduling capabilities with supply chain management, shop floor execution, customer relationship management and business intelligence tools.

This integrated approach gives you real-time visibility and control over all your operations—empowering you to navigate the rocky supply chain waters with greater ease.

In particular, our sophisticated Advanced Scheduling tool empowers you to respond quickly to supply chain variability and unplanned events to achieve:

  • Increased efficiency in management of material resources and inventory

  • Faster response to customer demands and increased customer satisfaction

  • Improved on-time delivery rates

Tackling Complex Job Costing

Fluctuations in material prices and consumer demand coupled with labor shortages have brought new complexities to job costing.

Our industry research revealed that:

  • 66% of discrete manufacturers say improving profit margins is a major priority

  • Only 37% of discrete manufacturers have mostly or completely automated processes for analyzing margins

With this in mind, there’s a considerable opportunity to get ahead of the competition and boost your profitability by automating processes with the right discrete manufacturing solution.

Ready for Maximum Profitability

With our specialized discrete manufacturing ERP, you can easily drill down to analyze job costs and profits, and compare actual costs against estimates at any point in the production process, allowing you to:

  • Enhance visibility into job costs and profits

  • Make strategic and production adjustments based on insights

  • Increase production profitability to enable growth

Who can say no to increased visibility, maximized profitability and accelerated growth? To get started on your journey today contact us to discuss Aptean’s discrete manufacturing software.

“We’ve been able to scale up quickly and easily, with revenue increasing four-fold since implementing the system.”

Doug WattsCEOThe Metalworking Group

Streamline End-to-End Operations With Discrete Manufacturing ERP

Quoting and Order Management

With Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, managing customer orders has never been easier. Whether you need to quickly generate an accurate quote, create a sales order, custom-configure products at the point of sale or assign special pricing arrangements, you can provide responsive service to your customers. Orders flow directly into purchasing, inventory and shipping to trigger key production operations.

Procurement Management

Our discrete manufacturing ERP gives you the tools you need to understand where your procurement requirements are coming from, plan for those requirements and execute your supply plan in a cost-effective manner. The system collects demand in a planned purchase order queue that displays all sources of supply and demand with time phasing. Material availability and purchasing queue reports help you manage planning requirements, and a purchase order variance report identifies vendors that deliver on time and stay within quoted prices. You can even create RFQ forms with a single command.

Materials Management

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP delivers a range of features to help you more efficiently manage material resources and inventory transactions. You can easily track part and material lot information and generate detailed reports. Plus, the system helps you automate inventory and labor transactions with wireless barcode technology via the Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) tool. With Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, you can confidently make materials management decisions.

Production and Engineering Management

Access a full suite of shop floor execution tools to help you get the job done right, on time and on budget. The system helps you easily create and track job orders, drive material requirements and examine job costs in real time throughout the production process. Supervisors can track production priorities, order status, work center loads and labor. Meanwhile, operators can clock in and out and report material movements and work order completion via simple touch screens. Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP also helps you maintain process routings and bills of material (BOMs).

Financial Management

From budgeting and cash flow management to preparing detailed financial reports, Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP’s financial application tools help you carefully manage your bottom line. Monitor all your checking account transactions, develop budget forecasts, automate billing processes and more. Multi-site capabilities allow you to manage financial data across multiple finished good warehouses, distribution centers, storage facilities and/or manufacturing plants at geographically separate facilities.

Business Intelligence

With our discrete manufacturing ERP, you gain quick access to the data required to make critical business decisions. Pre-configured pivot tables and business performance notifications help you easily monitor KPIs and pull custom reports. You can also leverage the Aptean Business Intelligence to translate big data into meaningful views of business KPIs and trends—all delivered via user-friendly, interactive dashboards. The Advanced Reporting tool helps you generate and distribute financial and operational reports with graphs, charts and gauges using easy drag-and-drop procedures.

Ensure You're Future-Ready With a Specialized ERP and a By-Your-Side Partner

We’ve designed our discrete manufacturing ERP to solve your specific challenges with tailored functionality you won’t find in competing solutions. So you can increase visibility, automate tasks, and make data-driven decisions.

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Mixed-Mode Manufacturing

Manage your production and supply chains with unmatched precision, track supplies and orders efficiently and even adapt with flexibility to unplanned changes. We’ve got your “to order” operation covered with our discrete manufacturing ERP.

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Shop Floor Execution

A lot happens on your shop floor. So, you need a solution that not only keeps up, but streamlines the complexity. Our ERP for discrete manufacturers de-risks your operations with automation, monitoring, paperless communication and a why-late toolset.

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Real-Time Planning and Scheduling

Task scheduling is made simple with our discrete manufacturing ERP. It draws real-time information from your database and leverages capacity and material constraints with sophisticated scheduling algorithms to minimize late jobs and maximize throughput.

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In-Depth Order Costing

Maximizing profit. It’s the goal for every business, right? That’s why we created the Aptean Margin Analyzer—to help you optimize the performance of your operation and monitor profitability from almost every angle conceivable.

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