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Ready for Efficiency

With Specialized Apparel ERP

Want to increase operational efficiency? Improve inventory accuracy? Reduce chargebacks? And master omnichannel fulfillment?

Aptean Apparel ERP Exenta Edition helps your fashion and apparel business achieve all of this and more.

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Boost Performance With

Fashion ERP Software

The Simplest Path From Concept to Consumer

In today’s competitive and fast-paced business environment, consumer product and software companies must quickly respond to shifting consumer preferences and marketplace demands. Aptean’s apparel ERP software helps you streamline that process—from start to finish.

Our industry-specific fashion ERP system supports your apparel business by making it easier to manage operational processes for the products you are designing, manufacturing or selling.

Built To Conquer the Demands of Today’s Industry

Traditionally defined seasonal calendars are being replaced by continuous development cycles that deliver greater and more frequent product innovations. Order management and fulfillment is now far more demanding in the era of omnichannel retailing—and global supply chain operations are only growing more complex.

To address these new realities and build sustainable success, retailers, brands and manufacturers must leverage exceptional ERP software to streamline processes and manage costs. Enter Aptean. Our dedicated fashion and apparel ERP is built to help you achieve success in this dynamic industry. Contact us to find out how, now.

"Aptean’s grid system is very user-friendly for apparel manufacturing, and that’s been essential to improving order accuracy and saving time."

Carrie BovenderCEO and FounderGrand Forest

Leverage Technology To Attain Real-Time Visibility, Reduce Risk and Accelerate Time to Market

An inefficient supply chain or poor visibility into supply chain stages can make the difference between growing profitability or business failure. Unfortunately, all too many fashion brands and retailers rely on inefficient manual tracking and spreadsheets to try to keep their supply chains moving.

Lacking real-time information about designs, products, orders, suppliers, work in progress, inventory and more, decision-makers need the forward vision required to navigate around supply chain hazards and deliver on time and on budget. Only by leveraging technology to increase efficiency and visibility throughout the supply chain can apparel manufacturers and retailers remain competitive in an era of fast fashion.

Good execution at each stage of the supply chain for fashion brands and retailers is needed in order to design the products that consumers want and ensure their timely delivery to market. Bring efficiency to the fashion supply chain with Aptean’s end-to-end supply chain platform for the fashion industry. Find out how, now.

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Achieve Your Operational and Financial Goals

It’s your choice. Stay with an inefficient legacy system and isolated data streams, or make the move to our next-generation enterprise technology and take your business into the future.

Learn how modernizing with an advanced industry-specific ERP system can help you achieve your operational and financial goals. We bring a fresh approach to fashion ERP that delivers a simpler, better way.

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How Your Business Benefits

With an Apparel ERP

The Aptean Advantage for Apparel Businesses

Unquestionably the leader for fashion and apparel ERP software, our innovative application design and data structure represent over four decades of apparel-specific expertise.

  • Increase operational efficiency

  • Effectively manage inventory levels

  • Increase inventory accuracy

  • Improve visibility and service

  • Reduce chargebacks

  • Master omnichannel fulfillment

In the last ten years, our fashion ERP software has replaced nearly every known apparel ERP system on the market for the fashion industry.

Delivering Measurable Benefits Every Day

Aptean delivers the most advanced technology in the fashion ERP space. Our easy-to-use interface and underlying data structure are designed to meet apparel brands’ unique needs. In addition, the ability to customize for style, color, label, prepack and size has a cascading effect on workflow, ensuring ease of use within every downstream process.

Our fashion ERP system is supported by our skilled staff, ensuring you have one point of contact for any issue, backed by our team’s deep expertise—guaranteed to resolve any issue quickly. From our specialized system to our expert support, you can be sure Aptean’s got you covered.

Continuing development is supported by over 700 years of combined experience, further enhanced by our apparel-focused customer base’s input and influence.

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