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Food ERP Solutions

No matter your end-product, the complex challenges of the food and beverage industry require more than just generic solutions.

Our tailored food enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are ready to help you conquer this complexity.

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Why You Need a Specialized Food ERP

No matter what type of food or beverage you’re producing, manufacturing, processing or delivering, your operation is complex and intricate.

Changing consumer trends, product developments, evolving regulations, traceability concerns, food safety management—your list of challenges can seem never ending.

With so much at stake, a generic ERP just won’t cut it. Even with customizations, plug-ins or add-ons, you’re unlikely to get all of the capabilities you need to conquer the complexity and efficiently grow your business.

Instead, you need a tailored ERP for food from a provider that knows your industry inside out.

With a tailored solution, you can unlock automation, increase efficiency, enhance visibility and maximize performance in your operation—so you can deliver quality food and meet customer demand easily.

Aptean Food & Beverage ERP

At Aptean, we know food. That’s why we’ve built our food and beverage ERP solutions with all the specialized capabilities and functionalities that your business needs. Some key features you can take advantage of:

  • Bi-directional ingredient tracking and allergen management

  • Expiration tracking, catch weight management and food waste reduction

  • Lot tracing, ingredient-level tracking and product origin management

  • Visibility into production activities through a collaborative forecasting and planning module

  • Deep lot profitability features that show detailed costs for haulage, labor, machinery, duty, rework and more

  • Supply chain management that supports a wide range of product variations including breed, cut, age, variety, region of origin and packaging

Let our tailored, future-ready food ERP master the complexity of your operation, help you boost performance and ensure you’re Ready for What’s Next, Now®.

Success With Aptean

SunWest Foods Optimizes Plant Operations and Gains Real-Time Insight With Aptean Food ERP

A fragmented system setup at the Californian rice producer was limiting growth with unnecessary manual data entry and inefficient processes.

After a comprehensive review of suppliers, SunWest chose Aptean’s in-depth vertical knowledge and specialized ERP for the food industry to introduce a single source of truth and create a platform for future growth.

As a result, the company has seen significant improvements in efficiency across all departments with real-time data improving agility and accuracy.

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