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In the biotech and life sciences industry, intellectual property (IP) is everything.

To accelerate your research and protect your IP, you need to be able to search available patent and technical literature when planning your research project.

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Why Is IP Search Important?

Failing to conduct proper research before your project can have severe consequences. These range from wasting time and resources – for example, by repeating prior research or failing to account for challenges others have already encountered – to more extreme cases resulting in lengthy and costly intellectual property violation lawsuits.

So, having the right IP search tools, that allow you to conduct thorough and reliable research before your project begins, is critical.

Why Is Aptean IP Search the Industry Standard?

Well, with the world’s largest IP sequence database, a complete set of search algorithms and the industry’s most powerful search, analysis and reporting tools—it’s difficult not to be.

With Aptean IP search, you get the most comprehensive view of the patent landscape and can accomplish Freedom to Operate (FTO) and patentability research in record time. And, all searches are run on a secure, private cloud so you can rest assured that your data is only visible to you.

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Are you ready for the most comprehensive patent search tools at your fingertips?
Aptean GenomeQuest
Get quick, easy and powerful IP search at your fingertips today with Aptean GenomeQuest, the world’s largest IP sequence database.

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