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Ready to Empower Your Remote Workforce With a Cloud-Based Distribution ERP?

Ready to Empower Your Remote Workforce With a Cloud-Based Distribution ERP?


Ready to Empower Your Remote Workforce With a Cloud-Based Distribution ERP?

Feb 11, 2021

Aptean Staff Writer
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The notion of business as usual has changed.

The work landscape has changed.

And so too has the way we collaborate and communicate.

In a PwC survey of nearly 700 CEOs, 78% agree that remote collaboration isn’t going anywhere. It’ll be here for the long-term.

So, in this time of uncertainty, a single question remains: how can your consumer goods or distribution business emerge stronger than it was before?

And our answer: enable and empower your remote workforce.

Even while much of your team works from home, an industry-specific enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that’s in the cloud is the solution you need. To successfully run your business. To meet customer demand. To get Ready for What’s Next, Now®.

Of course, if you work within the consumer goods industry, not all of your teammates have the ability to work from home. It’s likely you have new safety measures and protocols in place at the warehouse so that your business can still operate swiftly and safely.

This is the best part of a cloud-based ERP for distributors, though: no matter where you are—whether at home, in the warehouse or on the go—you’re able to work off of the same data and information as everybody else.

That’s the appeal of the cloud, or software as a solution (SaaS).

For importers and distributors, our cloud-based distribution ERP delivers solutions backed by the security, scalability and accessibility of a SaaS model.

It means:

Access, anywhere - From the office, at home or on the go—all your users need is an internet connection to access Aptean Distribution ERP securely.

Available, always - Our SLA provides 99.9% uptime via the Microsoft Azure platform, so Aptean Distribution ERP will be online and operational around-the-clock.

Data, protected - Aptean Distribution ERP guards your information from attacks and helps ensure your privacy through its monitored and secure environment. And it consistently backs up your data—keeping it safe even in the event of a hardware failure or natural disaster.

Growth, enabled - As your business expands, your ERP software needs to evolve with it. Our scalable model allows you to add computing power and capacity when you need it, instead of paying for it up front. With our cloud-based ERP solution for distributors and consumer goods importers, you're empowering your employees to be productive and collaborate no matter where they are.

Ready to enable and empower your remote workforce? Find out how, now.

Tell us about yourself and an Aptean specialist will be in touch.