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Multi-Channel Retail, Fulfillment and Third Party Logistics

Specifically for the third party logistics, outsourced fulfillment and multi-channel retail sectors, Aptean Priam enables retailers, 3PL providers and fulfillment houses to achieve true cross-channel integration for complete visibility of customers and business activities.

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Improve Efficiency, Customer Service and Profitability to Underpin Business Growth

Increase Operational Efficiencies and Business Visibility

Aptean Priam offers a single, integrated multi-channel, multi-company order management system for faster order processing and dispatch.

Drive Sales for Growth

Boost online sales with an integrated mobile optimized eCommerce solution and direct integration to marketplaces including eBay and Amazon.

Time Savings

Save valuable time by processing thousands of online transactions simultaneously with a flexible, multi-company system configurable to your and your customers’ requirements.

Flexible Warehouse Options

Deploy Hand Held Trackers (HHT), voice picking or a combination of these methods.

Deliver Optimum Service

Enhance customer service through intuitive Customer Relationship Management, detailing accurate customer and real-time stock information.

Gain a Holistic View of Your Business

From order management and supply chain to fulfillment and warehousing, Aptean Priam integrates activities across your multi-channel retail business to improve efficiency and deliver a holistic view of customer and business activity. Contact us now or download a brochure to see the benefits Aptean Priam can bring to your business.

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With Aptean Priam Software, You Can Benefit From:

  • Multi-channel order management and customer services from a single platform

  • Advanced marketing capability, including targeted promotions and offers using up to the minute information

  • Supply chain management including warehousing and purchasing functionality

  • Multi-company, multi-currency and multilingual capability for those businesses with more complex operations

  • Integrated financials for seamless reporting and cost control

  • Marketplace integration across all sales channels

  • Responsive eCommerce and content management

  • Detailed reporting and accurate business analytics, available in an instant

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