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Navigating the Journey of Digital Transformation for Logistics Businesses

Navigating the Journey of Digital Transformation for Logistics Businesses


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Navigating the Journey of Digital Transformation for Logistics Businesses

15 Feb 2023

Aptean Staff Writer
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In today's fast-paced business world, investing in advanced routing and scheduling technology is crucial for logistics companies to gain a competitive advantage.

According to Gartner, 61% of supply-chain executives agree that technology is vital for success, yet only 2% of U.S. supply-chain leaders are investing in digital transformation. So, what's holding companies back?

The answer is simple: they don't know where to begin.

The journey of digital transformation can be overwhelming and filled with uncertainty. But it doesn't have to be that way.

To guide you through the journey, we've created an interactive roadmap to digital transformation that highlights the tools you need and the steps to take to future-proof your transportation operations. Our infographic covers the following topics:

  • Route Optimization: Determining the most efficient routes for your fleet amid complex delivery requirements.

  • Real-Time Route Execution Visibility: Empowering fleet managers and dispatchers with visibility of drivers' real-time performance, allowing for monitoring of operations and ensuring on-time deliveries.

  • Proof of Delivery: Providing real-time delivery and item-level tracking, as well as automated notifications upon parcel delivery.

  • Home Delivery: Managing your entire fulfillment process, reducing planning time and improving information flow throughout your organization.

  • ERP Integration: Automating delivery operations from manufacturing to final delivery.

  • Strategic Modeling: Making informed decisions by modeling the impact of various “what-if” scenarios, like flexing driver shift times or considering new warehouse and depot locations.

As with managing a fleet, preparing and planning ahead is essential for digital transformation. Modern fleets that want to grow and stay competitive need the right technology and guidance to stay ahead.

Aptean Routing & Scheduling Paragon Edition is the perfect solution to help logistics companies kickstart their digital transformation journey. Our comprehensive software offers a wide range of features that help businesses optimize their delivery fleet operations, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately, increase profitability.

With the right plan and technology partner, your digital transformation journey is a manageable task that can lead to great success. Don't wait any longer. Check out our interactive infographic, The Roadmap to Digital Transformation, to take that first step now.

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