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What is ERP Software - Projects

What is ERP Software - Projects


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What is ERP Software - Projects

1 Dec 2015

Aptean Staff Writer


The Compiere Project system provides a set of tools to define, manage, track and report on tasks associated with delivering services. A project is composed of multiple phases and tasks and may utilize resources from multiple areas within your business. By using Compiere Projects, you can track and report on the financial progress of projects, including details of the accounting transactions and documents associated with the project.

A Project is defined by its name, start date, and end date. It may include any number of phases, tasks and products. Projects can be defined within or across Order Management, Materials Management, Purchasing, Sales or Service processes. Additionally, projects can be used as a basis for creating Sales Orders or Invoices.

Compiere Projects is not a substitute for project scheduling, task management and GANTT or PERT chart reporting from project scheduling software.

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