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Aptean Field Service Traverse Edition - HVAC

Aptean Field Service Traverse Edition - HVAC


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Aptean Field Service Traverse Edition - HVAC

Mar 12, 2019

Aptean Staff Writer
HVAC tech looking at a multimeter

Aptean Field Service Traverse Edition has the integrated functionality to handle every aspect of daily work from sales to service – tracking the initial customer contact all the way through the maintenance of purchased HVAC equipment. As one of the core processes of a commercial and residential HVAC service company, the solution efficiently schedules, dispatches and manages sales reps and technicians in the field. HVAC Service Software also coordinates a businesses’ multiple assets including service vehicles, parts, inventory and equipment.

Features Include:

Our easy-to-use system efficiently manages everyday operations in the following areas:

HVAC Scheduling and Dispatching

Efficiently schedule the right technician and parts to an appointment at the designated time in the field, whether for installation, scheduled service, preventative maintenance, or emergency repair.

Parts Management/Inventory Control

Parts and inventory are tracked, controlled and maintained throughout a company’s facilities and service vehicles in real-time.

Customer Information and Service History

Maintenance of customer information for sales and service-related interactions for all business customers.

Mobile Field Service

Allows sales reps and technicians to input data on the road, including estimates, work orders, billing and invoicing, leading to more accurate inventory tracking and better customer service.

Quotes and Work Orders

Seamlessly tie approved job quotes to work orders and track services and time through to billing.

Interactive Reporting and Dashboard

With real-time information at your fingertips, drill into inventory, employee and sales data to better visualize and forecast your business.

Service Contracts

Tracks preventative maintenance contracts for purchased units to avoid breakdowns and downtime for customers.

Benefits Include:

  • Improvement in operational efficiency

  • Better resource allocation

  • Elimination of time wasted on filling out/filing paperwork

  • Automation of administrative tasks

  • Real-time insight with decision-making dashboards

  • Greater accountability and visibility of key business data

  • Standardization of business workflows

  • Increased communication

Our HVAC software provides tools to streamline processes and efficiently meet the needs of your customers, while improving the profitability of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning business.

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